About us

With a desire for difference and uniqueness tha idea of the first AIR GLAM was born. Anuška was ready to take off, so she landed on the roof of the Gregorčič Mansion. Anuška and Gregorčič Mansion offers a pleasant atmosphere, where modern world and tradition come together.

The Gregorčič Mansion is a monument to the famous expert in ornamentation, Slovenian architectural heritage, researcher of folk art, builder and a painter, Jože Karlovšek. Jože Karlovšek lived with his family in the Mansion, now called Gregorčič Mansion.

The exterior of the Gregorčič Mansion has been completly restored, but the original appearance has been preserved. Also the part of the interior has been preserved. Ornaments, which were collected and created by Jože Karlovšek for several years of his work, are arranged throughout the Gregorčič Mansion, to enrich it.

On the roof top of the new part of the Gregorčič Mansion landed  Antonov An2, the plan that flew the very first Slovenian flag at the time of independence. A week after the opening of the Gregorčič Mansion, the state of Slovenia celebrated the 30th anniversary of the independence, so Anuška is a monument and a tribute to our country, Slovenia.

Airplanes have always represented freedom and daring dreams. Let‘s dream big and visit us in Gregorčič Mansion.