During the day you can walk on the well-kept hiking trails or cycle through the dolenjska region

When you have time, you are also invited to the Cviček fountain in the center of Šmarjeta.

City Novo mesto with its rich history is only 15 km away and the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, is 75km away. Magical Otočec with the romantic castle in the middle of the Krka River are only 8 km away and tennis and golf courses are in the  immediate vicinity.


Klevevž is a natural spa only 2 km away from the Gregorčič Mansion, created by river Radulja. At the foot of the last waterfall is a naturally formed pool with a constant water temperature of 24.8 C. Above the mentioned waterfall once stood the famous Klevevž castle, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

Below the castle are two natural karst caves, which can be explored voluntarily. One of the caves, according to the locals, is a few kilometers deep. The spa has already been mentioned by Janez Vajkard Valvasor. Until recently only locals were swimming in natural spa of Klevevž, but recently Klevevž has become a real attraction, attracting people from all over.

Beaver Valley

The presence of beavers was first detected in 2009. Beavers, our largest rodents, found their place in the swampy area of the Radulja stream, in the area of the treasury of plant and animal species, even the rarest ones. A walk along the river Radulja stream, in Šmarješke Toplice, is suitable for a relaxing walk for two lovers, as well as for the whole family.

During the walk, pay attention to the dam built by beavers and dammed the Toplica stream.

Nordic walking in the countryside

The starting point of all routes is in the center of Šmarješke Toplice. From here, routes are organized to Šmarjeta, as well as to all the nearby hills. There are several paths, from easy paths to Bela Cerkeva, Šmarjeta or Dobrava, medium-difficult paths to Klevevž or Otočec and difficult paths to Kogle or Vinji Vrh.

All points also offer points with the extraordinary view at the end. All in all, there are organized routes for more than 50 km of walking along the paths of authentic nature, along the way there is also the opportunity to explore many cultural heritage sites. For bicycle lovers, there are also 3 cycling routes along the 12 Nordic trails.

For lovers of Dolenjska wines

The hills in the vicinity of Šmarjeta offer a diverse offer of local Dolenjska wines. You can try different wines at the wine fountain, in the center of Šmarjeta, right next to the Gregorčič Mansion, or you can visit one of the wine cellars and indulge in a guided tasting with local winegrowers. In addition to wines, they will be happy to offer you local delicacies from the hands of authentic rural women. In the club of rural women they bake and prepare excellent bread, the famous Slovenian potica, various cheeses and home-made meats.

A source of life energy

In the Šmarjeta valley you can get acquainted with the most important sources of our area and experience authentic nature. One of the paths leads from Šmarješke Toplice towards the village of Brezovica through the hamlet of Kamen Vrh towards Šmarjeta. On the main square, next to the Gregorčič Mansion, stands the church of St. Marjete. In the church there is a famous painting of the Crucifixion by an Italian author from the 17th century. A few 100m further on, a view of Zadravce, the river Radulja valley, opens up, which gives shelter to some of rare birds and will one day become an ecological reserve. The route is categorized as an easy route, and you will need a little less than 2 hours.

If you want peace and solitude, we suggest a walk along the cross-country trail. The trail is categorized as a medium-difficult trail and is suitable for all nature lovers.