Dinner under the stars

Where hedonism and aphrodisiac combine… The top staff of the Gregorčič Mansion will be dedicated to you during the dinner under the stars. Dinner on the rooftop terrace with great view and a unique experience.


In cooperation with local food producers, a Mediterranean touch is added to Dolenjska cuisine, creating a wealth of new flavores… with the signature of Chef Robert Gregorčič.

Love to the art, high ecological awareness and local variaty of dishes are shaping our restaurant and placing it in today‘s life. The dishes are prepared with great love and respect and have a beneficial effect on a men and his senses of happiness. Into the wine list are also included best wines of our region, which we are extremely proud of. Winemakers are constantly surprising us with the awards from the abroad. It is nice to be a part od the gastronomy of Dolenjska, where we will continue to create wonderful stories. Welcome to Gregorčič Mension.

Wellness Ornament provides relaxation of your senses and your body for your fullfillment.

Wellness: sauna and bath

During the sauna our body is detoxified, the airways are cleanning and the blood circulation is improved. Regular use of the sauna has many other beneficial effects. It has been proven that just 10 mintes per day in a tub full of warm water reduces stress and relieves headaches.


All massages are based on the classic Swedish massage, which is a natural method of treatment. Our lives are to stressful, so it is important for us to relax the body and soul.


Access Consciousness offers simple tools, techniques and processes with which you can change anything in your life, while creating what ever you want. The goal of Access Consciousness ® is to lead you to recognize your creative power.